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What should you know before starting an abacus franchise? All doubts answered.

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Starting an Abacus training centre can be a very good business opportunity if you are planning to enter the segment of child education. It can be conveniently started with minimal investment, even from your home, and can surely give you excellent financial growth. While starting an abacus centre can be a very good steppingstone towards financial freedom, like any other business, there are certain things that should be taken care of to ensure optimum success. Own brand or Franchise While planning to start the abacus centre, this is the first question that comes to mind: whether to take up a franchise from some established brand or to go it alone? While the training and material are available for free online, it is always suggested to go for a franchise of some reputed brand due to multiple reasons: Brand - A franchise of a reputed brand gives you the opportunity to be associated with the brand's value by using their brand name. This helps you gain the confidence of your parents and get admission. Quality training and support - Self learning videos are available online for free, but for a specific subject like abacus, which is not taught to us in the school curriculum, it is very imperative to have guidance, help, and support from qualified master trainers, which is only possible with a franchise from a reputed brand. They will not only provide you training and support as and when required but will also check your understanding and ensure that you are fully prepared to train the kids and deliver the best. Support in setting up the business - While we as new entrepreneurs are unaware of important business requisites like setting up the centre, branding, and marketing activities, the branded companies have a dedicated team of post franchise operations support that not only helps the new entrepreneur in establishing the centre but also guides and supports them in cost effective marketing activities for getting student admissions and generating business. The companies provide a welcome kit that contains all the initial material, excluding furniture, to setup the classroom and do initial promotion. National and international competitions - One big advantage of taking up a franchise from a reputed brand is the opportunity to participate in state, national, and international competitions. This is one very important thing that a freelancer or somebody who is not associated with a brand misses out on. Parents want their children to perform, showcase their talent, and win trophies in big events that are only conducted by big brands for their students. If you do not have a franchise, your students will miss this opportunity, which will not be very good for your business growth as well.

Selecting an abacus franchise brand With the success of abacus franchise model in the supplementary child education segment, hundreds have companies have surfaced offering franchise of the product. This has made the situation very confusing for someone who is exploring on options offering franchise. Take care of the following points before shortlisting the brand on which you'll be investing your hard-earned money and time. Business model of the brand This is the first and most important point that you have to take care of before finalizing the franchise. There are many companies om the market which are offering franchise but your objective should be to select the one giving you best financial proposal in terms of ROI. The investment should be minimal and there should be no recurring costs towards royalty, per student share or annual renewal charges. You should go for a brand that offers franchise at one time Investment so that you'll not have monthly overheads and the business should be ultimately profitable for you. It is also important that the initial investment also should not be very high so that you can comfortably manage other expenses also for starting a new business.

Training and course materials In academic business quality of training is the most important thing that decides the course of your success. Although there are companies available in the market who are offering training for very less fee, the technique and support of such brands is quite doubtful. It is imperative that the training should be convenient to take, easy to understand and at the same time there should be continuous support from experts to clear doubts. You should discuss in details the training methodology of the company before finalizing the franchise to ensure you are well equipped before starting your center. You should also check the quality of materials of the company. Mostly it is not possible to physically visit the company to check the materials, it is always good to ask for a video of the same. Thus, you'll be assured that the materials which you'll be giving to your students are of finest quality and best in market.

National and international competitions Competitions are an activity that most of the parents will be keen to know about before enrolling their child at your centre. Before finalizing the franchise, you should enquire and confirm whether the company conducts good state national and international competitions for their students or not. You should also ask for and explore videos and photos of previous competitions to see the quality of the event. Competitions are not only a good platform for the students to showcase their talent but are also a huge branding activity for getting new admissions. Never go for a brand which is not conducting this very significant branding activity.

Proactive Abacus, the perfect choice In your search for finding the right abacus brand to partner with, there is one brand that meet up all the above criteria and can be the best choice like hundreds of successful franchisees which is Proactive Abacus.

The franchise of Proactive Abacus can be started with a minimal investment as low as and comes with a zero-royalty model ensuring no recurring costs once the franchise is taken. The franchisee of Proactive Abacus is not only provided with world class academic training but also are trained for counselling, marketing, social media marketing and workshops. A welcome kit is provided to every franchise containing materials for initial marketing and centre setup. Excellent hand holding and guidance is provided throughout for establishing a profitable business. The education materials for the kids are of international quality with beaded t-shirts bags and multi-coloured books. Company conducts grand events of competitions for its students where the kids are showered with trophies and gifts.

With 100K plus students across its successful franchise network, Proactive Abacus is the fastest growing Abacus brand of the country which has turned the life of hundreds of new entrepreneurs. Inquire now to take the first step towards your bright financial future with the franchise of Proactive Abacus.

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