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Abacus Franchise for Real Women Empowerment

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Today, India is in a quite dynamic place in the global education industry, with 1.4 million schools and 227 million students. With such a huge population of students, the demand for abacus classes has also increased, as over the years, abacus has become one of the most popular after-school activities. The reason for such popularity is, of course, the many benefits it provides, a child’s complete brain development being one of them. This certainly increases the demand for efficient people to run these classes. To meet this demand, who else can be better than women?

Women’s ability to nurture, protect, and develop kids, along with their well-established expertise in the sector, makes them the ideal choice to become the next educators. As you might have heard,” The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” Women's empowerment is a very hot topic these days. While people have talked about it a lot, there are very few who are really working for the cause. But it is time we understood that women's empowerment is not just about giving great speeches. Women's empowerment in its true sense is about making women the power holders, the earners, and most importantly, independent. An abacus franchise gives new-age women an opportunity to become all of that and achieve their dreams. Women have always been a child’s first teacher. From becoming women educators to heading into leadership positions, women have been breaking all the socio-cultural barriers and acing the world. It has been proven time and again that today's women have been rising against all odds to achieve their goals. From running successful business franchises to running not one but a group of institutions across cities, they have been walking shoulder to shoulder with the fast growing world.

Here are a few qualities that make women a top choice to run an abacus franchise:

Bonding with kids: The most essential quality needed to run this business is love for kids, and nobody can beat women in this one. Motherly instincts and nurturing nature are God’s gifts to this gender. Women develop an emotional bond with the kids, hence winning their trust. These pros make the perfect choice for this business, and to run this venture smoothly, they do not need any extra efforts.

Leadership qualities: Women have more chances of success in this sector as their persistence, patience, and creative thinking make them good leaders. They are also believed to have stronger decision making skills. All these qualities have been recognised as the foundation of successful Abacus franchises.

A tension free business: working for children’s futures is a self-satisfactory job. Hence, becoming a female entrepreneur is a positive experience. Working with the kids is a joy in itself. This makes the job self-rewarding, leaving no room for work related stress and pressure.

A noble profession: an abacus franchise can be your contribution to society and future generations. As you might already know, teaching is a noble profession that earns you a lot of respect. You can help young minds prepare for the world by becoming a part of their early education.

Best for first time business owners: An Abacus franchise does not require any specific qualifications or technical knowledge. You can start the business with simple training. A structured guideline for how to run the business is given by the abacus franchise you partner with. Women are known for their soft skills and social intelligence; they can start businesses with just those skills even if they have no prior experience. Hence, the Abacus franchise is a venture best suited for the new entrepreneurs.

Easy to run: An abacus franchise has limited work hours. Hence it gives you plenty of time to maintain a work life balance. Unlike other businesses which needs a lot of dedication and time.

All these qualities make abacus franchise a rewarding option to kick start your career as a Women Eduprenuer. You can be a part of hundreds of other women entrepreneurs who have joined hands with the fastest growing Abacus brand of the country, Proactive Abacus that has given them opportunity to attain financial freedom, fill the inquiry today.

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