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  • What is Proactive Abacus Franchise?
    Proactive Abacus offers franchisee to make you the owner of an education enterprise. We empower you with all the knowledge, training and support to successfully manage your own business. All the earnings from your franchisee solely belong to you.
  • Who can become Proactive Abacus Franchisee?
    Anyone who enjoys being with children and likes to teach, can become Proactive partner. Educated housewives, teachers, working professionals who can spare weekends can become Proactive Abacus franchisee irrespective of their age and educational qualification.
  • What is the procedure to become a franchise?
    It’s simple. Just fill the “Franchise Inquiry Form” on our website and our support staff will call you.Based on your profile, your passion and your ability to manage the franchise thereafter, you’ll be provided with a welcome kit along with training and support to start your venture. All the on-going services will continue to help you effectively manage the show.
  • How much capital is needed to start a franchise?
    All you need is a comfortable sitting arrangement for 15 – 20 kids either on floor or with the basic furniture.You can start a Proactive Abacus centre from Home or any premises of around 200 Sq. ft. A nominal signing amount is charged to cover module wise training, welcome kit includingthe teaching aids, promotional material and online / offline support.
  • Is there a recurring investment?
    There is NO recurring cost for franchisee operations. However local marketing activity may require some nominal investment from time to time.
  • Is there a profit/revenue to be shared?
    Proactive does not charge any revenue / profit share from your income. However, support material including student study kits are chargeable at nominal rate at the time of student registration.
  • What is the franchise period and what are the renewal charges?
    The franchisee period is 2 years from date of signing and a small fraction of franchisee fee is charged towards renewal of partnership.
  • What are the expected financial returns from the business?
    The best advantage about owning an Abacus Centre is that the initial investments are low and returns are very high. Any normal business ROI is expected to be 10% to 12% but in case of Abacus training, based on the batches you conduct, the ROI can vary from 25% to 100% or even more.
  • Can I own more than one franchise?
    Yes, absolutely. Abacus training sessions are conducted on weekend and Sundays so as not to interrupt a child’s school activities. Thus, you can own a franchisee whilst doing a full-time job during the week.
  • What support is provided by the company to the franchise?
    Beginning with a Franchisee Welcome Kit containing teaching aids, promotional material, level wise student kits and guidance to operate the business. Training on all 8 levels of the program as teacher to you or your designated staff along with online centre / student management support, designs and artworks for promotional material besides social media marketing guidance and support as per the prevailing norms.
  • What does the franchise welcome kit contain?
    Franchisee Welcome Kit helps you to start your centre swiftly. It contains a Teacher’s Abacus, Counselling Folder, Sample Student Kit and books for display, Flash Cards, Calculation Display Charts, Corporate Posters, Colour Brochures, Abacus at Schools Program details and other relevant documents, promotional designs, artworks etc. Also, online website presence of your centre, student management software and teacher training for all Levels for two teachers are part of the franchisee support.
  • Do I need a relevant experience to own a franchise?
    No experience is needed to start the franchisee. Also you don’t need to be a Math Graduate. All you need is a passion to teach, good communication and management skills. Proactive shall ensure complete hand holding to give you a head start.
  • How is the teacher training provided?
    We have multiple training options to make you well-versed with Abacus coaching. All levels of training is facilitated through online or offline modes, whichever suits you the best. You can also opt for one-to-one training at our office / designated location. Also any queries / concerns are promptly addressed by our master trainers through video calls / mobile app throughout the franchisee term.
  • If I recruit a new staff, will they be trained?
    Yes, any new staff shall be trained by company as per the prevailing terms and conditions.
  • I am a housewife. Can I own a franchise?
    You most certainly can. As long as you are passionate for teaching children and are true to what you do, you can own a franchise.
  • Can I approach schools in my area to start abacus in schools?
    Indeed that’s the way to expand your business and profits. When you contact schools, Proactive provides you all the necessary help and documents to tie-up and offer Abacus training to the school students.
  • What is the eligibility to become a Proactive franchisee?
    The most important criteria are your passion for child education and willingness to venture into a long term business. If you are ready to learn and adapt training techniques to nurture the young minds, Proactive is willing to partner with you. Our Support Team shall assist you on every step of setting up and running your venture successfully.
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